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TogoTV by DBCLS is a portal site for video manuals, lecture videos, illustrations and training materials for useful databases (DBs) and web tools in the life sciences. As life science research has grown in both scale and diversity, the usage of databases and web tools has become more complex and specialized. The usage of databases and web tools is indispensable for the efficient progress of research, and the skill to use them is one of the essential factors for a researcher to learn. TogoTV creates and organizes a variety of information to help researchers, technologists, and beginners who want to use them to reach and further their research resources.

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  • Free to use

    You can use the video manual, illustrations, and training materials at any time you want. (Please state the source.)

  • From the beginners to the researchers

    Graduate students are the main intended user group. It is also designed to be easy to understand for researchers from different fields.

  • Skills-based courses

    It can be used for systematic teaching, like 'If you watch the videos in this order, you can get this skill'.

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