How to use inMeXes - An Incremental PubMed Expression Search 2018

This tutorial will describe how to use inMeXes, a system that incrementally searches for English expressions in PubMed. “inMeXes” is developed and maintained by the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS). "inMeXes" incrementally searches expressions of multiple words appearing not less than 10 times in PubMed titles and abstracts.The search results display candidate expressions together with the number of appearance among PubMed indexed publications. Using inMeXes, users can for example, search for candidate prepositions that follow a certain verb or usage of a certain word in English.


  • 00:28 1. Start to search of expressions
  • 01:40 2. How to use a filter
  • 02:16 3. Get an example and related information of the search results
  • 03:05 4. Try another expression
  • 03:49 5. Check the context words of the one you searched for
  • 04:57 6. How to use permalink




クリエイティブ・コモンズ CC-BY-4.0