2016-07-03 Lightning talks (5min each) @BioHackathon2016


NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon 2016 was held at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB), Keio University and the Hotel Tachibanaya in Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan.
Public symposium of the BioHackathon 2016 was also held at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB), Keio University, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan on Jun 12 (Sun).
In this video, 17 speakers make presentations entitled as follows. (1:26:02)

  • Fast and accurate long read alignment on string graphs by Hajime Suzuki
  • The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health APIs by Benedict Paten
  • Patient matchmaking over a federated network by Orion Buske
  • The Noctua Modeling and other Berkeley BOP software projects by Seth Carbon
  • EpiRR - A registry for reference epigenomes by Alessandro Vullo
  • Omics Discovery Index-Discovering and Linking Public Omics Datasets by Rafael C Jimenez
  • Data Linking with GenboreeKB and the Allele Registry by Lillian Ashmore
  • Database Construction and Functional Varidations for the Metabolic Enzymes in Euglena by Takeshi Kawashima
  • GlyTouCan Design and Development by Nobuyuki Aoki
  • J-phenome: a portal of Japanese phenotype data by Hiroshi Masuya
  • Gamification for establishing biomedical edges in Wikidata by Sebastian Burgstaller
  • Plant breeding knowledge management using Semantic Web technologies by Erick Antezana
  • Finally reusable data, FRED by Alexander Garcia
  • Toward the Experimental Protocol Description Standard by Tazro Ohta
  • BioRuby by Naohisa Goto
  • Traversing class-class relationships for constructing a SPARQL query by Atsuko Yamaguchi
  • Question and Answering over Linked Open Data by Jin-Dong Kim

Here are the slides of the lightning talks.
All presentations are listed in the YouTube list.

この動画を引用する際はDOIをご利用ください。 DOI: 10.7875/togotv.2016.102



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