2016-04-08 Introduction to the 2nd DBCLS RDF summit


RDF summit for individual genomics (The 2nd RDF summit in 2016) was held in Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization(ToMMo) in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.
On the first day of the meeting (19 Feb 2016), an informal seminar was held. The goal of this session is to briefly understand the technologies behind -- share the state of the art results and remaining issues on the reference genome graph, match maker exchange, semantic web genome databases etc.
In this talk, Toshiaki Katayama makes a presentation entitled "Introduction to the 2nd DBCLS RDF summit". (12:00)
Here are the slides of this talk.
A playlist of this session is also available.

この動画を引用する際はDOIをご利用ください。 DOI: 10.7875/togotv.2016.057



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