2014-11-19 PRIDE and ProteomeXchange – Making proteomics data accessible and reusable


DBCLS BioHackathon 2014 was held in Tohoku Medical Megabank in Sendai and Taikanso in Matsushima, Miyagi, Japan. Main focus of this BioHackathon is the standardization and utilization of human genome information with Semantic Web technologies in addition to our previous efforts on semantic interoperability and standardization of bioinformatics data and Web services. (read more about the past hackathons...) On the first day of the BioHackathon (Nov. 9), public symposium of the BioHackathon 2014 was held at Tohoku Medical Megabank in Sendai. In this talk, Yasset Perez-Riverol (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK) makes a presentation entitled "PRIDE and ProteomeXchange – Making proteomics data accessible and reusable". (12:47)

この動画を引用する際はDOIをご利用ください。 DOI: 10.7875/togotv.2014.090



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