How to use TogoWS REST service

TogoWSREST service is one of the services provided by the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS). TogoWS enables users to access and utilize major biological databases (such as those maintained by NCBI, EBI, DDBJ, KEGG, PDBj and CBRC) without any additional software to create interoperable workflows. While the APIs of major biological database have different query mechanisms and syntax, we have integrated them so that the user can query and retrieve data in a unified manner. We hope that TogoWS will reduce the necessity to learn new programming languages and provide a user friendly environment for creating workflows. The tutorial is a guide on how to use the REST service. In the REST service, users only need to specify the database names and entries (IDs) in a URL to retrieve information from a database. The REST service also allows users to retrieve a particular field of an entry from the database.




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