How to use OReFiL

OReFiL (Online Resource Finder for Lifesciences) is one of the services developed and maintained by the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS). It facilitates a search for online resources (databases and tools) that are introduced in peer-reviewed papers. The advancement of molecular biology has generated large amounts of data and produced databases and tools that can be accessed via the Internet. While the abundance of resources and information on these resources is a good thing on the one hand, it creates a difficult situation for the users. For example, users have difficulty finding or accessing resources that fulfill their needs and users do not know if the resource even exists or is available via the Internet. Using popular search engines to overcome this situation, is one solution, but this is often very inefficient and time consuming, because popular search engines index various types of web pages, most of which may not be relevant at all. We have developed OReFiL as a better way to solve this problem. It is a search system that extracts all of the URLs from MEDLINE abstracts and PubMed-indexed BioMed Central full-papers (implementation or availability sections), and indexes them with MeSH terms and author names. Since OReFiL carries out a full-text search amongst peer-reviewed papers, the search results are more relevant to the user’s inquiry and as a result provide an easy access to resources the user is looking for.




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